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Proudly entering our 20th year. We have enjoyed helping hundreds of businesses of all sizes with Computer support, software selection, process improvement and business phone systems.

Process is at the heart of Pipeliner CRM

It’s important for every sales organization to create a formalized sales process that becomes an internal blueprint with a set of well-thought-out actions from lead qualification to deal closure. However, sales representatives are facing various challenges at every stage of the pipeline. For instance, only 56% of sales reps can access key decision-makers and only 24% of sales reps perform a win/loss analysis. A good CRM can help in these areas but the problem is that they are too complicated and Salespeople don’t want to use them.

Pipeliner is Unique

Meet our CRM system for professional sales management of all types ranging from short sales cycles to long corporate sales just in 5 minutes!

Focus on the right customers, build trusted relationships, and take swift action with a solution that unifies relationship data and provides contextual AI-driven insights.

Opportunitity tracking is visual and Fun

Opportunity tracking is visually stunning and fun to use. Because of this, Pipeliner has a great user adoption track record. 

Create multiple pipelines by product line, business units, geographic location, or a combination. No more need to take a couple of hours at the end of the week trying to remember your sales activity. It’s done for you and will help you close more deals.

Automatizer does all the boring stuff

The Automatizer is a workflow automation tool that is the heart of CRM of the future. It is the hub around which everything else revolves. Like a wheel has spokes, many functions radiate out from this Automatizer hub. Routine tasks that often get overlooked because people are too busy are handled with Automatizer. The end result is that it saves time. Data and analytics are more consistent. Things are done every time and the same way every time.

An amazing moble app

Accessing accounts and contacts on the go is critical to staying one step ahead. Pipeliner CRM Mobile app gives you all the features and functionality of accounts and contacts — right from your phone.

No matter where your journey may take you, send out emails, make calls, view documents, and stay up to date on vital information.