Server and Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization of Servers and Desktops has become SOP in data centers and for good reason. If you're still not sure server virtualization can benefit your organization here a few things to consider:

"More Power Scotty!"

Was the cry from data center admins everywhere. They needed more and redundant power much of which is wasted in the form of heat which then had to be controlled with yet more power in the form of air conditioning. By combining 20 servers in a single box you have 2 power supplies instead of 40. 800 watts instead of 16,000 watts. 5% of the power used. Of course this is an over simplidication because it doesn't take into consideration other power loads that don't change such as lights. Still you get the idea.

Less space, less hardware, fewer switches, less cabling = Big savings

Need a new day care? Here, take the data center. We don't need it anymore. Sell those racks and extra boxes and switches. There is no need to buy a new box for each server.

Provision Servers and Desktop in minutes. Easy Labs for testing and QA

Need to set up a testing lab? Just spin up a new server and some desktops. When you're done you can reclaim the licensing for other uses. Need to start moving servers to the cloud? Just upload the Virtual Hard Drive and you are good to go.

Less Downtime

When there are hardware issues or you need to perform maintenance such as adding RAM or replacing the video card you can just live migrate the Virtual Server to another box with no downtime.

Recover quickly from Disaster

If there is a disaster there many options from just copying the virtual server files to a new host machine to dedicated mirrored failover sites.

Easier to isolate application to a single server and extend legacy Apps

Ideally, an application is happier if it has no roomates. One App per server is always the best approach. But if you have to buy a $4000.00 box it is not always practical. Virtual machines make it easy and if you happen to still have that old machine running XP you can virtualize it and not worry about that old box and drive failing. 

Virtualization is not just for big companies. Even small to midsize organizations can derive great benefits from this amazing technology. If you have question about this amazing technology feel free to contact us.