Content Management

DotNetNuke helps organizations build and manage content-rich websites, social intranets and online communities. It is the most widely adopted Web Content Management Platform for Microsoft .Net, powering over 700,000 production web sites worldwide. The powerful web application development platform allows businesses to easily customize and extend their desktop and mobile websites.

DNN Social

DNN Social™ brings the power of communities – engagement, interaction, and affinity – right to your site. You control the conversation. DNN Social provides a wide set of leading-edge social capabilities to help you build, manage, and maintain a successful social community. These capabilities help drive real business outcomes – increasing revenue, reducing maintenance and support costs, improving customer satisfaction and retention, and building brand advocacy. To learn more about DNN Social, Download the Product Data Sheet here.

Module and Skin Development

With thousands of commercially developed modules and skins you will likely find solutions that meet your requirements in the DNN community. You may have a unique requirement, or a need for proprietary code or you may need to graphically match an existing site. Let CogentDigital create custom modules or skins to fill these needs. We have been working with DNN for 10 years and love to add value to the out of the box capabilities with custom solutions. Call us with your requirements.

DotNetNuke Professional Edition

DotNetNuke Professional is the “certified” version of DotNetNuke built on a stable, certified, secure and proprietary code base. It is designed for organization that have mission critical sites in active environments that require the dedicated support direct from DNN Corp .  Professional Edition customers have prioritized access to any software updates, feature releases or documentation changes. Professional Edition customers can select how they wish to receive these updates through a variety of available notification and download alternatives. See the feature comparison below to determine if DNN Professional Edition is right for you. Download the Product Data Sheet here.




Plug-and-play , extensible architecture ensuring easy application scalability and enrichment without downtime or re-coding 

Powerful, usable interface enabling even non-technical users can be up and running within minutes

Complete, turn-key framework eliminating the need for disparate tools, extensions and consulting to pull everything together


Proven, established code base incorporating five generations of real-world experience drawn from hundreds of thousands of instances in use

Vast network of third-party software and services creating a nearly infinite assortment of additional features and functionality


Guaranteed product issue resolution through premium support channels, enhanced resources and immediate attention from experts most familiar with the framework


Proactive management and communication of security-related updates to minimize potential threats to the stability and integrity of your websites


Tested to mission-critical standards ensuring each release is ready to use in production environments


Certified by DNN Corp. as the production version of the DotNetNuke Framework , guaranteeing early access to functionality and assured inclusion of features in future versions



Comprehensive documentation and support Knowledge Base that provides guidance for DotNetNuke administrative tasks and answers to common technical questions