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Do you find technology providers making recommendations based on what they need to sell rather than on the challenges their clients need to meet? Let us step through options and opportunities with you. We can reduce cost, eliminate waste and augment your current staff to provide common sense solutions to your technical challanges. Learn More

    What is Windows Azure?
    Published by Keith Bilyeu - 14 August 2012

    What is Windows Azure? Can my company benefit from IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service? How can I deploy to Azure? How is it licensed? How reliable? How redundant? How Available? We can help with the strategy.

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    Microsoft Exchange 2013
    Published by Keith Bilyeu - 10 August 2012

    Should we upgrade to the latest version of Exchange? Is there a reason to have an on premises Exchange Server anymore?

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Does your server room look like this?

Does your server room look like this?

This is devolution at work
It Happens Over Time.

It Happens Over Time

It will never organize itself...


We've been there and we can fix it